Frequently Asked Questions

What is Easy Rebates?

Easy Rebates is our rewards program for music teachers, choir directors and college students studying music. If you're an active music teacher, choir director or college student you can earn 8% back on any purchase made by you, your students, ensemble members or friends you refer to our website.

Who qualifies?

If you get paid to teach music, direct a choir, or are a college student studying music, you most likely qualify for Easy Rebates. We accept teachers for all instruments, all levels and all types of organizations. The key requirement is that you currently get paid to teach music. You can be paid directly by the student, by a music school, by a school district, foundation or other institution. You can work part-time or full-time, from your home or at a school. If you are responsible for leading a music program at a church - adult choir, children's choir, handbell choir, praise and worship band, etc., you qualify! College students qualify if you are enrolled in a music class. You can be a music major or minor, taking a music class as an elective or singing in choir or playing in an ensemble for fun. Click here for more details on who qualifies.

What if I am a music teacher and a choir director?

You may have two different Easy Rebates accounts – one for your school or private studio and one for your church or community choir. However, you will need a different email address for each account. You may also elect to have one account for both positions. It is entirely up to how you want to manage it.

How do I apply?

Simply complete our quick application form.

How do I get my rebate?

Your rebates accrue when we ship your orders and remain in your Easy Rebates account until you earn at least $50. At the end of each month, we review all rebate balances and pay out those accounts who reached their minimum. We do not pay rebates on canceled or returned orders. It can take up to 30 days to review and process payments. For example, at the end of July, you have $49 in rebates. In August, you earn $8 in rebates. You will receive a gift certificate for $57 by the end of September.

How do I receive rebate credit for orders I place?

Just sign in to the website with your Easy Rebates email address before you shop. Or check out as "Guest" and add your email when prompted. After your order ships, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know your order qualifies for a rebate. Please note the credit will not be applied to your account until the order ships.

Do I earn rebates on all purchases, including sale items?

You earn rebates on virtually all items we sell, including sale items. If you use a high value coupon on an order, your order may not be eligible for the additional 8% rebate. We will state in the e-mail advertisement as well as in the on-site coupon details if orders using that coupon are ineligible for additional credit. Rebate amount is based on the sale price. The following series do not qualify for rebates:

  • MTI's Broadway Junior Collection
  • Getting to Know... Collection (G2K)
  • MTI's Kids Collection

How do I make changes to my existing Easy Rebates account?

After you log into your Easy Rebates account, you can make changes to your account information by clicking the "Easy Rebates Settings" button at the top of the page.

How do I get rebates from referrals?

There is a number of ways to get referral credit: when viewing an item look for the "Share" option and select your method of sharing: Email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

You can also create and share a Music List. Please click here to find out more about Music Lists.

Is there a unique web address I can use to shop and get credit?

Yes. Each Easy Rebates member gets their own personal web address they can click or share to lock in their rebate credit. Your personal web address is[id]. Copy this link and share it however you'd like: you'll get credit for any orders placed.

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