Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

If I put in links now, can I start earning commissions right away?

Yes. When you submit your application, we'll show you the different ways to link to Sheet Music Plus. You will immediately start accruing your commission money for any sales you send to us through your links.

How do you know which sales are from my links?

When your site refers a customer, we send their computer a "cookie" with a code that identifies you as the affiliate. (A "cookie" is a string of text used as an identifier). If that customer orders, even up to 30 days later, we retrieve your code from their computer and credit you for the sale.

I have multiple websites. Should I open a separate account for each one?

You can use one account. If you would like to track each site's progress individually we recommend that you set up separate accounts for each site.

Will you accept sites that are not based in the United States?

Yes. In fact, we have affiliates from over 110 countries and all continents except Antarctica!

Do I have to have a website to participate in your affiliate program?

No. As long as you plan to market our website and will not participate in any spam-like activities, you can participate. We have individuals and organizations in our program with blogs, myspace pages, and free-hosted websites. We also have affiliates who concentrate solely on PPC advertising or who communicate the program through print advertising to their members. If you wish to enroll in our program without a website, please provide detailed information in the comments section on how you will market the program.

Do you have a datafeed I can incorporate into my design?

We currently allow you to incorporate our data into your website through a data extract program. This can provide key product data on many of our catalog titles. Please contact us at for more information.

Can I buy sheet music for myself through my affiliate links?

Yes. You will earn commission on these purchases.

Do you publish any of the music that you sell on your website?

While we are primarily a retailer, we do offer Digital Print Self-Publishing for composers. You can have your original competitions published in digital format on our website and earn 45% royalties! To find out more, visit the ArrangeMe page for more info.

How can I make changes to my Affiliate account?

Click here to make changes to your affiliate account including contact and payment information.

Can I link to any Sheet Music Plus page that I want to?

Yes. Just copy the URL of the page you wish to link to and add your affiliate ID to the end of the URL.

Can I serve Sheet Music Plus graphics directly from my website?

Yes. The only exceptions are the dynamic buttons that we offer to highlight our monthly specials. These graphics are served from Sheet Music Plus in order to keep them up-to-date. Sheet Music Plus graphics are copyrighted and they may only be used on your site to directly link to Sheet Music Plus. To serve our images yourself:
  1. Copy the image from SMP website to your server.
  2. Place image in the appropriate folder for your website.
  3. Rename the reference to the image so that instead of pointing to the Sheet Music Plus servers, it points to the image in your folder.
For example, if you wished to serve the small Sheet Music Plus logo yourself, you might store the logo in the "images" folder on your server. To show this copy of the image, you would change the reference from:

What should I do if Sheet Music Plus images on my site are blocked by visitors' Norton Anti-virus software?

Norton Anti-virus software will block images being sent from a website from a third-party. To avoid the problem, you can serve the Sheet Music Plus images from your site directly.

Can I use my link codes in email or newsgroup messages?

You may only use your link codes in email newsletters sent to people who have expressly asked to subscribe to the newsletter. Using affiliate link codes in bulk, unsolicited email messages or newsgroup posts is often considered a form of "spamming" and will result in your termination from our affiliate program.

Can I use my link codes in "off-line" publications?

Yes, you are welcome to include your link codes in print publications or newspapers.

Can I advertise a Sheet Music Plus coupon code on my website?

No. All Sheet Music Plus coupon codes, such as those found in Sheet Music Plus ads or customer newsletters, specifically indicate that they are to be redeemed at For this reason, when customers use coupons on our site, Sheet Music Plus is always deemed the last referral.

Which web browsers are supported?

We currently support the following web browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 7 and higher
  • Safari 5.0.4
  • Firefox 3.6.16
  • Google Chrome 10.0.648.151