How It Works

Our Affiliate program is the original and best sheet music affiliate program around. We offer great ways to link, strong account support, and on-time payments. It's free to join and easy to use. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up here - it's quick, easy and FREE!
  2. Place our links or banners on your website
    • You'll be given your own anonymous Affiliate ID number to attach to each link
    • Choose from our pre-made links, or create your own. We'll show you how to add your Affiliate ID to the URL
    • Create your own online shop with our data feed, containing over 100,000 titles
    • Don't know HTML? That's ok! We provide the HTML code for many of our links and banners. Just copy & paste
  3. Track Your Earnings
    • Receive a notification email for every order placed on our website.
    • View your live commission balance any time in the Affiliate center.
    • Real-time reports are available. View sample report
  4. Commission and Payment
    • Minimum $20 commission balance before payment can be sent via Sheet Music Plus email gift certificate or PayPal. Minimum $50 balance required for payment via check.
    • Commissions are sent within 30 days of the end of the month.
    • Get paid via check, PayPal or Sheet Music Plus email gift certificate.
Monthly Sales Commission Rate
less than $3,750 8%
$3,750 to $7,499 9%
$7,500 to $14,999 10%
$15,000 to $29,999 11%
$30,000 and up 12%

Questions? Send inquiries to Affiliate Marketing Manager at