Affiliate Keyword Bidding

We welcome affiliates to participate in keyword bidding programs, such as those offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN. You are welcome to bid on any generic or brand name related term, but we do have restrictions on bidding on Sheet Music Plus, which are outlined below.

You can easily target your landing page to any keyword. You can direct visitors to any page on our website, including product detail pages or search results pages, by just adding a ID parameter to the end of the URL. We find that it is most effective to direct bids to search results or category pages, but if you are interested in a product based campaign, we can also provide a product datafeed.

Keyword restrictions

Our keyword policy is as follows:

There is no bidding allowed on:

  • sheetmusicplus



  • sheet music plus

You cannot outbid us on:



These restrictions apply to all search bids based on an exact, phrase or broad match and any "misspellings" associated with these terms. You are free to bid on these terms in content match.

Violation of our keyword policy will result in our reversing the commissions paid and/or termination of our affiliate agreement.